From the hearts and minds of our various creators,
Hotel Intergate strives to bring our guests the best mornings.



Brand Creation and Differentiation INTERGATE HOTELS

The best journeys allow you to experience daily life.This is not just experiencing the mundane details, but rather experiencing each morning as a valuable and new experience. In life's journey, the best mornings are yours for the taking.


Yoshitaka Haba

Book Coordination Kyoto Tokyo

We have a selection of books in the hotel lounge.
We hope that these books will help deepen your understanding of the city during your stay.
Why not take a break to relax and read something in the morning or evening?


Yu Yamada

Display Coordination Tokyo
Method Inc.

Recently, I have been spending twoo weeks per month away from my home in Tokyo.For this reason, I have become quite picky about the comfort level of my hotel room as well as the taste of the breakfast.Why? These two points have a magical connection to the quality of travel or work. Looking at the history of Kyobashi, an area located right between Ginza and Nihonbashi, Tokyo's old and new, I have painstakingly selected and layed out the items on display.I want you to feel the history of the city through the displays while on your trip to Tokyo.


Takahiro Sato

Communications Total Production INTERGATE HOTELS
Quaras Inc.

For me, the best journeys are experienced at times when wonderful encounters and discoveries are made.I travel because I can discover a new self through new scenery, new people, and a new way of spending time that is a world apart from my everyday.Starting the day with the best morning is sure to increase my chances of encountering such a journey.I hope that Intergate Hotels will offer this to each and every guest!


Tadatoshi Sato

Naming & Logo Development
The Design Associates Co.,Ltd.

To encounter new people in a new land is an unforgettable and healing experience. This is what we call the "best journey."It is when we experience the "best morning" that we can then experience the best journey.The best mornings stem from a comfortable awakening, and smooth, pleasant service.When each staff member acts as a concierge to the guests and provides the ideal service, they can provide the best journey.


Kazuya Muto

Brand & Creative Development INTERGATE HOTELS
Design Barcode, Inc.

When you wake up in the morning, start your day with a positive outlook towards what is to come, and forget about your worries from yesterday. This is the start of a powerful morning.For me, the best morning starts with a strong performance, be that for business or leisure.Hotel intergate has been regarded as a precious crystal by all those involved, and will surely provide the best mornings to all guests who visit.


Tadanori Fujiwara

Quaras Inc.

Isn't it just the perfect fit?You can spend the whole day relaxed.I just love to spend my travels and mornings this way.


Akihito Mukai

Strategic PR Direction Kyoto Tokyo
PRAP Japan,Inc.

I hope to see Intergate Hotels continue to propose new ways for us to enjoy the "best trip, best morning."I think this project is one that we can be proud of, like a ship on its maiden voyage.I only have appreciation for those that worked in cooperation for this project.


Mizuki Namekata

Elevator Lobby Lighting Design Kyoto Tokyo

The best mornings are made with the soft morning sun, the sound of birds chirping, the feel of soft bedsheets, and the smell of fresh roasted coffee. While these are simple, everyday things, the magic of travel helps to make them feel special.I sincerely celebrate the start of a new hotel that stimulates all five senses.


Takuma Inokuchi

Sound Design Kyoto Tokyo
Master Mind Productions, Inc.

Recently I have felt that the best trips are not simply experienced by visiting all of the sites. Rather, this can be achieved by changing your plans each day as your feelings dictate, and occasionally pampering yourself by spending a restful day in the hotel. This way, each trip becomes your very own.
I always think that the best trips are not bound by schedules, but rather imagining each day as you enjoy your morning coffee.


Yuichi Miyashi

Creative Director Kyoto Tokyo
Simon & Brothers Inc.

When I visit a city for the first time, I always try to visit the morning market.The best mornings are spent imagining the daily lives of the locals as I enjoy food from the local market stalls.


Tastuya Kimura

Coffee Direction Kyoto
OGAWA COFFEE co., ltd.

After a good night's sleep, I always start my day with an aromatic cup of fresh drip coffee. It is during this time that I can just relax.One cup, with a delicious breakfast, seems to pause time.Another cup, time to talk with that special someone.I think that enjoying a cup of coffee is one of the best luxuries during ones travels.


Kiyoshi Tsuda

Coffee Direction Tokyo

Travel>Accomodation>Food. This is the order in which the traveller thinks."That hotel had great service!" "That hotel had delicious food!" These thoughts are cornerstones to having a satisfying journey.Opening April 1, 2018,Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi strives to provide each guest with the "best journey." In order to do so, they have taken great pains in picking each interior piece.In addition, in order to provide the "best mornings," they have used carefully selected ingredients to create delicious breakfasts.Within that, Hotel Intergate has included the original taste of coffee from Cafe Ohzan, a taste that truly fits with the Intergate atmosphere.Our store, with over 80 years of history, is the only one in the industry to be selected for use by the Imperial family. We have created a special Intergate blend to help deliver the "best morning" to our guests. We hope you enjoy thet the taste, flavor, and aroma achieved through the selected beans, roasting method, and blending.



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